Monday, February 10, 2014

Homemade Deodorant

For years I used high dollar deodorant. I tried every kind out there it seemed. Clear gel, solids, clinical strength, I tried them. (The one kind I didn't try was men's though. I just didn't want to have that manly deodorant smell.). I noticed that the cost of the deodorant had nothing to do with it's effectiveness either.  Admittedly, I'm a sweat-er and I was in search of something strong and functional. So, a few years ago I went on a search for a diy deodorant. There had to be something out there that worked better than what I'd bought, right?
In my research, I learned how the aluminum in commercial deodorants is not safe for our skin and bodies. There are mixed views out there on this topic. Do the research and decide for yourself what is best for you to use. I prefer my homemade deodorant mostly because it WORKS! It has passed the test on 100°+ summer days. That is enough proof for me to keep using it.
The ingredients are not hard to find and many of you probably have these on hand anyway. I use Bob's Red Mill baking soda.

The recipe for homemade deodorant:
1/4 cup baking soda (shouldn't have aluminium)
1/4 cup Arrowroot powder
5-6 Tablespoons of coconut oil (can add more depending on the consistency you are looking for)
Several drops of essential oil of choice (tea tree and lavender are my favorite right now)

Combine baking soda and arrowroot powder

Slowly add in coconut oil. I stir in three tablespoons at a time.

After all the coconut oil has been combined, add your essential oils

The consistency should be like frosting.  Don't eat it. ;-)

Now store it in a pretty jar
 I apply my deodorant using my hands. This does not bother me at all, but I know it will gross some people out. You can buy clean deodorant containers or clean an old one out and just fill it with your handmade mixture. I have tried this and it did not work well for me. It may work for you, but I'm going to keep slathering it on with my hands.

Just a note** This deodorant can and will melt in warm temperatures. It is OK and does not ruin it. This is because of the coconut oil. If this should happen to you, put your container of deodorant in the fridge until solid again. You can leave it there , but it needs to soften a bit before using.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A little behind the scenes info....

A few years ago I decided I wanted/needed something creative to do with my time. I am a stay at home mama and wife, and while I absolutely love that, finding something just for me to do was important. I don't even remember what prompted me to research soap making, but I figured it was worth a shot to try my hand at it.
 The process I use is melt and pour. Many people will say that this method is not really "making soap" and while that may be true, because I don't actually add the lye to the mixture, I still consider myself a soap maker. Using the melt and pour method allows me to be creative with what I add to the bases such as oats, citrus peel, a variety of essential oils, or dried herbs. I also like to let this type of soap "cure" at least a week before using. This helps the bars get a bit harder.
 This past fall I began making hard lotion bars as well as lip balm. We (my husband and I) absolutely love the lotion bars. They are made with all natural ingredients, just four to be exact, and moisturize our skin wonderfully. The lip balms are also made with those same natural ingredients. It is so good to know what we are actually using on our skin and lips...and that the ingredients are harmless. All ingredients are labeled on my products as well. I hope you will visit my Etsy shop and try out some of my soap, lotion bars, and lip balm!

Mountain Man: a woodsy smelling soap for your man

 Sweet Orange & Honey soap:  made with honey, orange essential oil, and orange zest. Smells delicious!

 Lavender Oatmeal soap:  This has the relaxing scent of lavender essential oil, dried lavender buds, and gluten free oats
 Double Mint soap: Smells like the chewing gum! Contains spearmint essential oils and peppermint leaves
 Lavender Hard Lotion Bar
 Lip Balm in three flavors: Peppermint, Vanilla, and Spearmint
Vanilla Hard Lotion Bar

That was just a peek inside Simply Soap! I'd love for you to try some products and come back and share a review. 


Saturday, February 8, 2014

How do you Bloggers do it??

Ok, so I've been wanting to clean up this blog for a long time. It is so cluttered and I clutter!  But, the thing is, I don't blog much. At all. So, I don't give it much thought. I went to several conferences last year, many that dealt with blogging. Did I go to the blogging sessions? NOPE! I went to the sessions of other interest to me, because well, I just wasn't into blogging and all it involved.

That is the reason for this blog post title. I really don't know how you gals do it. I think it is wonderful and I am thankful for the homeschool blogs, diy blogs, etc. I am doing well to homeschool and have the laundry & dishes caught up in a days time. I know, I know, it is all about scheduling and prioritizing.  

I would like to give this another try and maybe post once a week at least. I am still learning. It took me, I kid you not, 3 hours this morning to figure out how to put a header photo on this baby. 3 hours!!! I'm hungry and need more coffee. 

There are a few more additions I need to make, but at this time, my eyes are crossed and I'm googled out. I have had a few ladies (through the wonderful world of Instagram) helping me this morning...and I so appreciate that. If there are anymore of you readers out there that want to give me some hints and tips, please email or comment. The main thing I want to add is tabs under my header. I need organization y'all!

Hang in there with me, OK?