Friday, June 19, 2009

OREO Ice Cream Cake

Want a yummy, nice treat for these hot, sunny days? This is it. When I was little, I always wanted an ice cream cake for my birthday...and that is usually what I got. Back then it was actually CAKE in it. As I grew older, there was less and less cake in the ice cream cakes. Why is that?? The other day I really wanted an ice cream cake, with CAKE, so I created this one. I used only one container of ice cream and one jar of hot fudge, but I think next time, I'll double that. I like it oozing w/ all that sugary goodness :)

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

1 package Oreos
1 stick butter, melted
1 box chocolate cake mix (fudge, devil's food, any will do), baked as directed, in 2 square cake pans, let cool
1 jar hot fudge sauce (or 2)
1 container cookies and cream ice cream (or 2)softened in order to spread
2 cans of RediWhip or just use cool whip

Ok, so crush 2-3 cups of oreos, mix w/ the melted butter. Pat that into a large rectangle cake pan (I used an 11x15x2) and bake for 8 minutes at 350 degrees. My crust was kinda hard, but we all liked it. I don't know if skipping the baking step would keep it from being so hard.

Let that cool a bit, then spread most of the hot fudge (not heated) on the crust.

Take your cooled cakes and layer over hot fudge. My cakes didn't fit perfectly, so I sliced them in half and placed cake in pan to cover all of the crust and fudge layer.

Now spread the ice cream over the cake carefully. Cover with the RediWhip or Cool Whip. I used Redi Whip on the edges to pretty it up and spread some on the rest of the cake.

With the remainder of the oreos that were not crushed, break those up over the cake, then take the remainder of the hot fudge sauce and drizzle over top. I did this step after I had froze the cake for a few hours, this time I did heat the fudge sauce. Cover and freeze overnight. Yummo!