Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Squash Fritters

Needing a different idea for what to do with all the fresh squash you're getting this summer? This is a simple recipe that some call squash fritters and some call it squash cakes. Whatever you want to call it, give it a try. This recipe makes a lot (6 servings), so you might want to cut the recipe in half the first time.

2 cups grated raw squash
1 small onion, grated (more or less to taste)
1/2 tsp pepper
1 Tablespoon sugar
6 Tablespoons self-rising flour or biscuit mix
2 eggs, slightly beaten
2 tsp. butter, melted
Oil for frying

Mix together squash, onion, pepper and sugar.

Add flour and eggs. Mix only until squash is coated. Stir in butter. Heat oil in pan, just enough to coat well. Drop batter by tablespoons into hot pan. Cook until golden brown and turn once (or more if needed).


Shannon said...

My husband loves squash. I'm embarrassed to say that I have never bought one, made anything with one and actually wouldn't even know what they looked like to buy one. :) Can you tell I am not a cook??

Bentleigh McClain said...

I made these tonight they were wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!

Anonymous said...

I used your recipe last night. I made a few changes. I didn't hadve using yellow squash so I used Zuchinni squash that I had on hand. I also used 2 garlic cloves (minced). Oh my goodness, soooo good!!!!! Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

YUMM! Those look delicious, Alyce! I left directions to the trail on my blog under your comment - call me if you need anything when you're there - not sure if i'll be around or in maine - 912-655-3404 or email savannahgourmet@aol.com if you need anything!
oh - and go to a.j.'s for dinner - outside on the back river ~
have fun!!!

RusticOkie said...

Thanks for this! I'll have to try it out, we're being attacked by squash from the garden and suddenly my neighbors never seem to be home when I stop by. Strange huh?

Janet, said...

I love squash fritters! You've reminded me that I need to make some before my squash are gone.

tiggerdaisy said...

Oh my word! This sounds heavenly!!!! Thanks for the great recipe!

Prayers and blessings,