Monday, January 11, 2010

Going G-Free

It's been quite a while since I lasted blogged. One reason is because it was the holiday season and I was quite busy. Another reason is because I have discovered that I have an intolerance to gluten. I was tested for Celiac Disease, but the results were normal. I have learned that even if you do not have the disease, you can still have a gluten intolerance. This really stinks for someone who loves to cook, bake and EAT! So for the last month I have cut gluten from my diet. Now..this doesn't mean that I have cut it completely..there are times when I want a bite of something that someone in my family is having, or when I am just stubborn and think I can handle the effects of that hot dog. I have had tummy troubles for over 10 years and I am really glad that I have discovered what probably is the cause. Fortunately, I don't have to take any medication...all I have to do is leave the gluten out of my diet. This can be hard, but I am learning to manage and adjust. It's amazing how much better I feel! I am reading Elisabeth Hasselbeck's The G-Free Diet. It has been a tremendous help! I will still bake and cook gluten containing meals (for my family) and hopefully get back to blogging. I will even try to include some yummy g-free recipes. I am still learning!! This is going to be a journey full of blessings, bellyaches ;-), and lessons learned!


Kelly Combs said...

I loved your last sentence...cause yes, we all slip even when we shouldn't. Hope you'll be feeling better though, really soon!

Can't wait to see more recipes.

Marybeth said...

You can do it Alyce! It takes awhile, but eventually you get used to eating differently... and believe it or not you even lose your taste for the foods you used to crave. (That takes a good bit though.)

As for Uncle Bob, unfortunately no, he does not rent to others outside the family. He and his wife are there a good bit, and when they are not my family and my aunt's family, plus their grown kids and their spouses use the house. So someone's there a lot!

Sophie said...

Hi Alyce,

Thanks for stopping by my blog :). I'm sorry about your tummy troubles, I have IBS and Celiac Disease so I know how it goes :/. Please feel free to drop me a line if you ever have any questions about adjusting to the new diet... or anything. It's so nice to meet you!

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Bonita said...

I'm gluten-free for January and February. I don't know if I have an intolerance and, to be honest, I haven't seen a tremendous difference in digestion since I went gluten-free. However, when I'm back to gluten in March, if I take a stiff turn for the worse, I suppose that will be my answer.

While gluten-free hasn't been easy, it hasn't been as difficult as some other diets either. So much of it is healthy, wholesome foods.

I look forward to any recipes you have to share or any insights you discover along the way.

kim said...

There are a number of good gluten-free recipes at

My niece just found out she is too - it's an adjusment, but worth it! good luck!