Friday, August 16, 2013

Mountains, Conferences, and the End of Summer

I love the coast. I love the heat. I love the ocean...and even the sand. I am a beach gal. That being said, it is very odd that I have traveled to the mountains for various trips three different times in the last few months. I am not a mountain girl! I will say; however, that each trip was enjoyable (although I secretly wished those events were located on the coast).  We did not take our usual family beach vacation this summer for a few different reasons. We attended several conferences/conventions--mainly homeschool and blogging related.

This past weekend, we spent our time near Asheville, NC at Ridgecrest Conference Center where I attended the Becoming Conference.  This great conference is put on by Jen and Jenny and encourages and inspires women to become more purposeful, creative, and frugal. I was so blessed to attend sessions from some pretty creative and crafty ladies, such as Angela (Button Bird Designs), Edie (Life in Grace), Ruth (Living Well Spending Less), Annie (Maison Blanche Paint), and Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed.  I had really been looking forward to meeting and chatting with Christy Jordan of Southern Plate, but she had an unfortunate accident and could not attend.  One day, Christy, we will meet, and chat, and laugh, and cook!
If you have not heard of this conference, I recommend that you check it out and consider attending next year for some great down time, fun time, learning, and dessert and coffee time!

This was our last little trip of the summer before our homeschool year began. We started back to school a couple of days ago. Now we are readjusting to schedules and assignments, while looking forward to next summer...and hopefully a beach trip.

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