Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cutting Mats or Place Mats?

I learned about these plastic cutting mats on a TV cooking show. They were showing how to use two of them to flatten meat. It is a lot less mess than sandwiching your piece of chicken between plastic wrap. I thought it was such a great idea so I went right out and picked up a pack of three.

Well after I got home and opened them up, I thought they would be GREAT to use as place mats. Especially for outdoor dining. They can wipe right off easily, they are the perfect size, and they come in three bright colors. So...the next time I was at the store, I purchased two additional packs. I store them separately from the ones I do use as cutting mats. (the knife marks are quite visible)

 It did not take us long to set the table outside with some fun color.
 Blue mason jars are always a fun addition to any table.

Just thought I'd throw in a picture of a yummy salad :-)

Another shot of the table with the sun shining down.

So go out and grab some plastic cutting mats....they make terrific place mats!

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