Friday, April 11, 2008

Home Problem Area

Lysa TerKeurst is doing another Swap and Hop! What fun.. This time it is to address an organizational problem area in your home. My biggest problem area is my home office. In this room there is the desk, an end table with the printer on it, a tall filing cabinet that has a small TV on top, a treadmill, a bookcase, gun cabinet (hunters here), and near the bookcase is an area where we have an old school desk that my daughter is suppose to use. And surrounding the desk, is all her stuff. The desk is about to go to the attic, she doesn't use it enough. But its not organized at all and there is STUFF all around. Tons of papers, mail, the "hunting" items, storage boxes (cute ones though) that are under the end table and on top of the filing cabinet, filled with things. What to do????? Some days I get it cleaned and say to everyone "OK, it looks great in here now, now everyone keep things put away". Its a room used for many things obviously, so how do I keep it orderly and classy with all the things that are in there??

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Jenny said...

I wish I had some tips for you but sadly I am most disorganized myself!

Have a great day!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Hey, girl! I've never thought that room was messy.

If you're looking for help, go to, and poke around Laura's site. She's got great resources and info.

Alyce said...

When you're here, its normally for a SLAH I have things hidden..haha! I just want a place for everything in there. You'd think in a house this size that wouldn't be a problem. I just need someone to come in and redo the whole room! I do have orgjunkie bookmarked..I'll have to research it.