Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is this even normal?????

.....I really don't think so.....at least not for a 4 year old!! We love shoes here. And when I look at this I feel badly for those children that don't have many shoes, or even one good pair. We do loan shoes and give shoes away. Most of these have been handed down from big sister too.
Shoes are a weakness of mine...What's your weakness??


Shannon said...

I thought you were asking if it is normal for someone to have their shoes all perfectly lined up!! :) And I would have said, "no"! :) JK I love shoes too.

Chatty Kelly said...

Shoes, yes. Clothes, yes. Chocolate, yes. And coffee, yes.

I guess I'm pretty weak!

But I can say NO to a piece of yellow cake with vanilla icing, no problem.

That is a lot of shoes for a 4 yr old. We get hand me down clothes from several sources and my 4 yr old has a HUGE wardrobe.

Tam said...

MY weakness is BOOKS! Have a great weekend!!!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I have several weaknesses...thrifting is one. Buying craft and scrapbook items. My dh gets a little perturbed with me from time to time...but all in all it is good. So your four yr. old organized those? Wow that is sooo sweet. cherry

Angela said...

My weakness is held within somethings meaning. If it means alot, I love it! My favorite necklace is a simple necklace. It has a charm on it of birds flying. A friend gave it to me, it stands for freedom. I made the rest with string tied together. I do find beauty in alot of things but that is me weakness.
I love the shoes! I have a hanging rack of them. :) Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Shannon said...

did you have a change to figure out bloglines?