Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ambrosia? Fruit Salad?

While at my great friend Bonnie's , I ate this yummy, low fat dish she made. I called the other day and she couldn't remember the recipe. We think it was a take on Ambrosia, and she knew that it had Dannon vanilla yogurt in it. So I went by the grocery store today and came home and whipped it up. Sandy will be so glad that I am posting something healthy and light! could be called Ambrosia or just fruit salad..doesn't really matter, but its very good! I love the tangy hint from the vanilla yogurt.

3/4 cup dannon light and fit vanilla yogurt (I suppose any would work..this was the lowest in fat, compared to yoplait)

2 bananas, sliced

1 15 oz can mandarin oranges, drained

1 lg can pineapple chunks, drained

maraschino cherries


Combine all ingredients and chill. I did not add the coconut to mine. My husband doesn't like it, so I just sprinkled some sweetened flaked coconut on my own serving. Put as many cherries in as you like.



Shannon said...

Looks great! I love fruit salad things.

Bonnie said...

Looks delish, Alyce! The cherries add the color that mine was missing - plus they taste good too! So, I'll be watching out for some "new healthful" recipes! Need lose some weight! Love Ya!

Tam said...

Healthy...I will look that would up in the dictionary...I can't seem to remember what it means..LOL Looks like a great recipe that I will try!

Chatty Kelly said...

Looks like a great summer recipe!

Julie said...

yum. :)

i am on facebook. how do i find you? :)

P.J. and Lizzy said...

This is a blog for me to follow! P.J. and I both LOVE cooking. I'm looking forward to having a place of our own again so we can start cooking again. I'll definitely try some of these recipes. I love this fruit salad. I've also had it made with sour cream and mini marshmallows instead of yogurt, but I do prefer the yogurt since I love it!

Shanda said...

Great recipe! Thank you for sharing it!

Thank you also for stopping by today. I would be honored to be praying for you & your marriage. I'm glad the article was timely and blessed you.

Oh...just noticed you have a recipe for caramel cake too...I might have to stay awhile and get some ideas!

Alyce said...

Hi, I tried to leave a comment a minute ago but I think it got eaten by my computer.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your recipe looks great.

I was just wondering how you pronounced your name, since so many people mispronounce mine.

Rambling Girl said...

Oh this looks so yummy and that caramal cake before looks pretty darn yummy too! Just wish it was available for me to slice a piece and taste it.

LisaShaw said...

Hi! I came on over from Sandy's Fitness site to check out your Ambrosia. Looks wonderful. I'll have to try it. Thanks.